THE FOCUS publication platform delivers a diversity of formats and content for the entire spectrum of potential channels. Above all, it aims to create attractive multimedia content for the firm’s website and enhance its social media profile.



In light of the growing importance of mobile media for the target group, we created an app for THE FOCUS with multimedia content for mobile devices.


THE FOCUS is all about charismatic individuals and their ideas. So video content, which brings their stories to life in memorable and authentic moving images, is a key aspect of our editorial approach.

Social media

The quality content of THE FOCUS has been used in targeted performance campaigns. Social media posts are tailored to specific groups such as CEOs, board members, HR professionals, and thought leaders to generate interest and engagement. Zehnder consultants have also been involved in these campaigns, spreading interest across their networks.


The premium digital content of THE FOCUS is an important tool for Egon Zehnder, helping to boost the firm’s reputation for leadership expertise. Traffic and time spent on the Zehnder website have seen substantial increases. And targeted campaigns have led to significant expansion of the relevant social-media communities.