Connecting Leaders


To mark the fiftieth anniversary of Egon Zehnder, we created a publication highlighting the firm´s pioneering role in leadership. In 10 dialogues, outstanding figures from business, government, the arts, sciences, and sports came together to engage with topics that were in some cases new – and surprising – to them. Documented in Connecting Leaders, these encounters not only proved extremely inspiring for the participants, but also revealed common ground and astonishing parallels.


German and English editions of Connecting Leaders were published featuring different protagonists.

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A series of videos documenting the rich and rewarding exchange of ideas between leading figures from a wide array of disciplines was produced and used on the website and in digital campaigns.

Social media

The Connecting Leaders content generated high levels of social media interest.


Connecting Leaders offers impressive proof that when boundaries are crossed and the lines between disciplines are blurred, new ideas are born. Encountering other people, curiosity about topics outside your wheelhouse – this is what provides insight and perspective, with the potential to transform society, the economy, and companies.

The idea grew far beyond its original purpose, as Connecting Leaders evolved into a key corporate-communication format for Egon Zehnder. By pushing beyond the limits of each participant’s field, these dialogues reflect the modern understanding of leadership, which is at the heart of the Egon Zehnder brand.