Entrepreneur by E&Y


With the aim of continuing the evolution of the Ernst & Young (EY) brand and reinforcing its USP in the marketplace, the firm’s proactive communications are focused on its mission, competencies, and culture.

Against this backdrop we developed a corporate publication, Entrepreneur by EY, showcasing the company’s dedication to promoting the values and culture of true entrepreneurship. For more than 20 years, EY has been honoring the achievements of outstanding entrepreneurs from SMEs, successful startups, and family businesses with its “Entrepreneur Of The Year” (EOY) award.


Entrepreneur by EY profiles German and international finalists for the EOY award as well as public figures and leading lights in the arts.

Twice a year, its portraits, reports, and dialogues examine the role of entrepreneurship in business and society through the lens of a focus topic. The magazine is also published in Switzerland and Austria with different content.

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Every magazine includes a poster featuring a memorable quotation from that issue.


The print magazine is supplemented by multimedia content, primarily videos. All Entrepreneur by EY formats have been successfully deployed as part of social media campaigns.


Entrepreneur by EY has become an established publication platform promoting EY’s corporate image. For ten years now, an edition of 10,000 magazines has been printed and distributed to entrepreneurs, executives, and opinion leaders.

By reflecting on current business issues a dialogue with stakeholders as well as a wide-ranging debate across society is initiated.