We share a passion for creating and producing communications that shape identities – for companies, institutions, and individuals. We develop a narrative to match your purpose, positioning, and culture.

With our finely honed understanding of issues and personalities, we aim to create substantial journalistic content that generates interest and engagement and sets you apart.

We aim to offer individually tailored publications and platforms that open up new perspectives and move away from well-trodden paths. This includes classic formats such as magazines and books, as well as integrated media concepts and all-digital offerings.

We support you at every stage, starting with the initial idea and either covering the entire process or delivering individual modules.

Our services


We take a holistic approach that extends from defining your communications goals to a well-orchestrated rollout. We carefully select the right themes and messages, formats and channels.

From this approach, we develop:

  • integrated communications concepts for individual media narratives and
    formats (print, online, video)
  • Formate (print, online, video)
  • cross-media concepts
  • digital content strategies


We handle all aspects of creating unique publications:

  • magazines (print and online)
  • books
  • anniversary publications
  • videos
  • social media content
  • ghostwriting
  • studies
  • formats and speakers for events

Customized manufacturing

We take a personal interest in your success, applying empathy and bringing to bear many years of corporate communications experience with a broad range of companies (including Gruner&Jahr, Egon Zehnder, EY, LGT Bank).

We take pride in creating tailor-made content with the ability to surprise – a pride reflected in the quality and care we invest in the development and implementation of ideas.

Our teams are compiled to match the specific demands of each project. We draw on long-standing relationships to outstanding creatives for editorial design and digital solutions and to renowned journalists and authors from a wide variety of disciplines.